The Selection Process
The process begins with board members and record companies submitting entries, which are then screened for eligibility and category placement. The National and Independent Gospel Awards (N.I.G.M.A.) voting members, all involved in various areas of media, creative and technical processes of recording, then participate in (1) the nominating process that determines the seven finalists in each category; and (2) the final voting process which determines the Rhythm Of Gospel Award winners.

Board members and record companies enter recordings and music videos released during the eligibility year (September 2017 -September 2018) which they consider worthy of recognition in the 2019 Rhythm Of Gospel Awards process.

The Rhythm of Gospel Awards is an annual event filled with a variety of innovative and exciting showcases, competitions, and achievement galas, bringing in over 4,500 excited, tourists, church, social and civic groups, families and business professionals throughout the US, Canada Bahamas and Internationally.
The Rhythm Of Gospel Awards is a event Designed to be an evening of entertainment and recognition, hosted by The National & Independent Gospel Music Association (N.I.G.M.A.) but Produced by CEO and Executive Director Dr. Mark Rogers

This Televised Award Show recognizes outstanding churches/pastors, choirs and independent gospel music artist of all genres, for their outstanding contributions toward the betterment and advancement of their communities.  

The Rhythm of Gospel Award Showoffers a platform for “Independent Gospel Artist” and gives them the opportunity to network formally while congratulating trailblazers of various sectors in all communities in a positive collaboration towards bringing all ethnicities together.

The festivities hosted at the Rhythm Of Gospel Award Show will features over 100 different local, regional and national musical acts from Alternative Christian Rock, Southern Gospel, Traditional, Contemporary, Gospel Hip Hop, Urban, and Folk to Cool Jazz and Hot Tejano Rhythms. Dedicated to enhancing the full experience for thousands of tourist, our organization. increases revenue for restaurants, hotels, shopping facilities, churches, and on-site vendors.

Reviewing sessions are made possible by experts in various fields to ensure all entered recordings meet specific qualifications and have been placed in appropriate fields such as Traditional, Contemporary, and Urban Gospel, Praise and Worship, Holy-Hip Hop, Quartet, Ensemble etc. The purpose of screenings is not to make artistic or technical judgments about the recordings, but rather to make sure that each entry is eligible and placed in its proper category.

First-round ballots with lists of eligible recordings in all fields, except those voted on by special nominating committees, are sent to voting members who return their ballots to the N.I.G.M.A selection panel.  Before any name is released to media, or the final voting/ selection panel, the nominee MUST accept their nomination by or before the required due date. After the nominee has accepted their nomination, the name is then released to the media and the selection panel for the final voting process.

To help ensure the quality of the voting, members are directed to vote only in their fields of expertise.
Lists of the finalists are sent to voting members in ballot format. In this final round, N.I.G.M.A. members deliberate and make all finalized selections based upon submitted, verified and researched material.

Internet Voting
This process will allow internet voters to vote on their favorite independent artist. This method of voting will only serve as ¼ of the finalize selection process. This process also helps the voting panel make accurate decisions on the final selections of potential winners.

Final Voting
Lists of the finalists are sent to voting members in ballot format. In this final round, N.I.G.M.A. members deliberate and make all finalized selections based upon submitted, verified and researched material. 

Results of members voting are not known until the Rhythm Of Gospel Awards presentation ceremony when names of the winners are delivered by Deloitte in sealed envelopes. All Award winners are revealed during the Rhythm Of Gospel Awards telecast.


2018-2019 N.I.G.M.A. Executive Board