​Pastor Douglas Caddell - 2015
Pastor Charles Winston - 2015
​Apostle Dr. Alicia Liverpool - 2015
*​Bishop Terry L. Young - 2015
Bishop Lawrence Vaughn - 2015
Pastor Dr. Ray Scales - 2015
​Pastor Anthony Trout - 2015

Compassionate Hands:  Demonstrates extending a hand of compassion to their congregation and others in their community.  Reaching out to the community is a passion for them.  They visit the sick and shut-in in homes and hospitals.  To help meet man’s natural needs, they offer food and clothing pantries and programs to the destitute and homeless.  Pastors who gather in monies from their ministries to support local charities or worldwide missions are also to be commended with this award.

The Good Shepherd:  Demonstrates feeding the sheep, loving the sheep and living the life of a true leader in the body of Christ.  Feeding the sheep, they preach the true Word of God, building a foundation of faith on based on the doctrine of the scriptures.  In loving the sheep, they pray for those in their care and extend invitations to the lost to give them opportunities to know the Lord Jesus as Savior. Living the life of an example, they are the known for walking in righteousness, as the only representative that some will ever see in this world-they live the scriptures in their daily lives.

Community Activist/Supporter: Demonstrates care and concern for the community go beyond the pews and into the streets.  Working with local city and state government officials, they are the voice for those who cannot speak.  Respected as a leader, they are called upon to help make decisions- bring faith and politics together.

Education/Youth Development Torchbearer:  Demonstrates a realization of the importance of education and how much the next generation needs us. Bringing education to the forefront of their ministry vision, this leader invests in the future of the youth in his community by developing programs for supplemental learning, tutoring, college preparation and/or Christian education.  Often being one of few in the community to focus on the youth, their torch burns bright in these efforts.

Bridge Builders/Collaboration:  Demonstrates efforts to collaborate with others in the Body of Christ. They bring ministries and church bodies together in prayer, fellowship or even to be a support to those they serve.  They also seek opportunities to mentor other ministers and offer them opportunities to develop as leaders by opening up the doors to their sanctuaries to them.
R.I.P  - Pastor Curtis W. Goodwin 2010
The 2019 Pastors Of Excellence Banquet
The Hilton Baton Rouge Capitol Center
Sunday, July 21, 2019
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 
Time: 6:00 p.m.
"A Night Of Distinguished Honor" 

The 2019 Top Distinguished  Honorees
Bishop Freddie B Marshall – "Greensboro NC" - (Accepted)
Pastor Fred Culbreth – "Fayetteville, NC" - (Accepted)
Pastor Eric A. Williams - "Baton Rouge, LA" - (Awaiting Acceptance)
Apostle Vevnell Warren – "Dallas, TX" - (Accepted)
Pastor Glenn Donald - "Indianola, MS" - (Accepted) 
Pastor Sonjia M Rivers - "Blakley, GA" - (Accepted)
Prophetess Dr. Cecilia Polk –"Pensacola, FL" - (Accepted)
Pastor Daniel Henderson - "Trenton, NJ" - (Accepted)
Bishop Rickey Washington - "Baton Rouge, LA" - (Accepted)
Pastor Charlie Tutson - "Houston, TX - (Accepted)
Pastor Dr. Levon A Whitt Sr. - "Dolomite AL" - (Accepted)
Pastor Michael L. Smith - "Baton Rouge, LA" - (Accepted)

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~Bishop JD Goodman
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*Apsotle Sharon Nesbitt -2009
Bishop Nathaniel Bond -2009
Pastor Andrew Cheairs -2009
Pastor Curtis Johnson -2009
Pastor Demetrics Roscoe - 2009
Pastor Darrell Shack Sr. - 2009
Bishop Stanley Searcy - 2009
Pastor Bernard Sutton - 2009
Pastor Hassey Watkins - 2009
Pastor Roosevelt Wright - 2009

Pastor Curtis W. Goodwin Sr.- 2010
Pastor Keith Newton - 2010
Pastor Barbara Rogers - 2010
Pastor Sarah Jackson -2010
Pastor Bartholomew Orr - 2010 
Pastor Paul Reed - 2010
*Pastor DL Wilson - 2010
Pastor Levy King Sr. - 2010
Pastor Mark Couche - 2010
Pastor Gilbert Wilson - 2012
Bishop Jerome Dukes - 2012
Pastor Karl D. Moore - 2012
Pastor Leofric Thomas -2012
*Pastor James Funches -2012
Pastor Tyrone Jefferson -2012
Pastor Melvin Smith -2012
Pastor Kenneth L Stewart - 2012
Bishop Aaron Hooper -2012
Pastor Derek T. Triplett -2012
Pastor Dr. A.L. Helligar - 2012​
Pastor Dr. Kecia Ford - 2011
Pastor Fredrick Anthony - 2011
Pastor Rickey Cranford - 2011
Pastor DeWayne Harvey - 2011
*Pastor Dr. Stephen D. Lewis - 2011
Pastor Tolan Morgan Sr. - 2011
Apostle Keith Ross - 2011
Pastor Malcolm Curne - 2011
Apostle Joseph Green -2013
Pastor Robert L. Lockett - 2013
Pastor Dave Ragan - 2013
Bishop Percy Golden - 2013
Pastor Keni Applewhite - 2013
Pastor Effell Williams Sr. - 2013
*Bishop Tyrone D. Hunter - 2013* 
Pastor David Tucker - 2013
Pastor DeMarcus Pierson - 2013
Pastor Marquise Hardrick - 2013
Pastor Dennis Meredith - 2013
​Pastor Jarvis Hanson - 2014 
Pastor Curtis L Johnson - 2014
Elder Wes Witcher - 2014
Apostle Patrick Avent - 2014  
Pastor Kimberly Moore - 2014 
Pastor Dr. Dexter Cannon -2014
*Bishop Dr. J Goodman - 2014*
Pastor Anthony Smith - 2014
Apostle Rodney Beard - 2014 
Bishop Gregory Cooper Sr. - 2014
Bishop Anthony L Sims Sr. - 2014  
Pastor Spencer T. O'Neal - 2014
Pastor Kenneth Chism - 2016
Pastor Aloysious D. Denard - 2016 
Bishop Supt. Waverly Bumbrey - 2016 
Pastor Dan Willis - 2016
Pastor Larry Davies - 2016
Pastor Dr. Geno Gibson - 2016
Apostle Willie Brooks III - 2016
Bishop Desso Benjamin - 2016
*Pastor Glenn Barnes - 2016
Pastor Dr. Gina M. Stewart - 2016
Bishop Donald Woody Sr. - 2016

Pastor Todd Curry - 2017
*Pastor Dr. Kelly E. Brown Jr. - 2017
  Pastor Timothy L. Cole Sr. - 2017
Pastor Judy Mandrell - 2017

​Bishop Effell Williams
Selma, AL
Guest Speaker


Pastor Queen Irma Jackson – 2018
Pastor Dr. Christopher Curry – 2018
​Apostle Dr. Mona Lisa Murray - 2018
Pastor Dr. LaBaron Hedgemon – 2018
​Bishop Terry Williams – 2018
 Bishop Roger J Hairston Sr. – 2018
Pastor Eugene Roberson – 2018
*Apostle Charles R. Walker – 2018
Pastor John P Kee - 2018 
Pastor Mikeal D. Lovejoy – 2018 
Pastor Dr. Phillip M. Baldwin – 2018