2020 Living Legend Hall Of Fame Honorees
Friday, June 26th 2020
Time: 11:30 a.m.
  1. Executive Director
    Leanne Faine
    Gospel Singer
  2. Executive Director
    Chuck Spearman
  3. Executive Director
    Cleopatra Kennedy
    Gospel Singer
  4. Executive Director
    Donald Malloy
    Gospel Singer
  5. Executive Director
    Dr. Eloise Ford Gaffney
    Gospel Announcer
  6. Executive Director
    Pastor Arvetra Jones
  7. Executive Director
    Tyrone Block
    Choir Master/Singer
  8. Executive Director
    Dr. Evelyn Turrentine Agee
    Gospel Singer
Past Recipients
Pastor Luther Barnes
Dr. E LaQuint Weaver & The Hallelujah Singers
Carlton McConnell
George Dean
Dr. Andrew Cheairs
Lady Beatrice Ward
**Bishop Leroy Lacey  (RIP)
Fredrick Shorter & The Blakely Mass Choir
Tyrone Porter
Cedric Bailey
Dr. Derrick Lee
Everette Drake
The Legendary Lighthouse Singers